Delicious, beautiful, and good for you – what could be better than a Strawberry? We can’t wait for you to come experience our strawberry fields in all their splendor. From acres of strawberries grown with love and care, you will be sure to find the sweetest strawberries and bring nature's beauty home with you.


Watermelons are a delicious summer treat! At Ritter Farms, we take great pride and care to ensure our watermelons are harvested at the peak of freshness. We make sure each watermelons is strong healthy and delicious.

Sweet Corn

Ritters Farm is famous for it's Sweet Bicolor Corn! The main reason for that is our sweet corn is picked the very same day that you buy it at our farm stand.

Fresh Produce

We all share a love of great-tasting produce. At Ritter Farms, we take great pride in bringing you the best-tasting, highest-quality produce around. We grow a variety of different vegetables and take great pride in our ability to grow them localy.

From the beginning, it’s always been about bringing quality produce to the consumer...



Ritter Farms is a family owned and operated business that is obsessed with growing the finest produce, strawberries and watermelons in the most conscientious way. With a rich history and over 36 years experience and love for farming, our goal is to always do better and to constantly evolve by carefully monitoring every part of the growing and harvesting process.


Among locals a smile forms on the face when Ritter Farms is mentioned. A favorite place to stop off and buy the freshest strawberries, watermelons, sweet corn and other locally grown vegetables

At Ritter Farms, a passion for farming runs deep in our family, and we take pride in our hands-on, transparent farming practices. We respect our community and our land, and weigh integrity above all else.

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